The not so dark future of journalism

the future of journalsimFor me, Journalism was a bit of a hit and miss. Despite being terrible at sport, I loved the thrill of winning a game and being in a competitive environment so naturally I aspired to be a sports journalist.

What I was bombarded with during my decision was ridicule and doubt from many of those around me. They would say things like “technology advancement is too great for journalism to stand as a career anymore,” or “the world of interconnectedness is too great for Journalism to continue,” etc …

The bottom line was that the future of journalism for my generation was thought to be dark, as nearly everyone had access to broadcast themselves through Facebook and other social media platforms.

After researching continuously through the internet, it came to my knowledge that journalism has never really stayed the same throughout it’s history. With  inventions like radio, television and now the internet tipping the journalism world upside down, a clear message stood out to me; Journalism will never die, just evolve.

One thing is for sure though, visual appeal is paramount for the future. I think video will dominate our age of journalism as it is the most efficient way of expressing information to the largest audience.

Huffington Post author Randy Bennet agrees saying, “Visual journalism will drive engagement and deeper understanding.”

Another article written by Isabel Calder in the blog – SND, said, “pages with visuals receive 30% more page views than comparable pages without.”

As time goes by and technology advances, it’s not all doom and gloom. A new wave of journalists are pioneering the rough-unpredictable waters of our chosen career, shining the light through the not so dark future of journalism.

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